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Here you will learn how to set up and maintain your own cloud hosting services. We will also teach you about cloud service management, an in-demand and rising service geared towards managing multiple applications, data and services in a cloud server. You will learn how to properly utilize cloud monitoring tools to maximize performance and reduce operating costs. Cloud management requires the performance of multiple actions such as performance monitoring, proper management of security and compliance procedure and implementation of contingency and recovery plans. The different cloud monitoring tools will enable you to perform all these responsibilities as service provider.

How to install Windows 7 from usb-flash ?

Stuck in a middle with trying to install Windows 7 via USB?

Don’t be upset. There is a cure! And it’s called Ultraiso.

Here are some benefits of it.

Easy ways to install Mac OS X on a Mac

installation of Mac OS X

In this article I’m going to tell you about a couple of easy ways to install Mac OS X on your Macs. All of them are rather simple so everybody should handle it.

Before we begin, let’s think about what we will need. First of all we need original Apple computer (either desktop or a laptop), then the original copy of Mac OS X

How to formulate your own Disaster recovery Program

hard disk on fire

What would you do when your hard drive eventually crashed? Do you already have backups when your computer system suddenly bugged down? How ready are you when a calamity strikes, and your computer system is highly at risk? These are the questions that we might want to ask to ourselves, especially those who really depends on the efficiency of computer network and system. You might want to know how...