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Command and Conquer and the Herd of Coconuts: Once you get past the critical phase of hiring the best-qualified candidates, the next big step for the organization is knowing how to keep these talents within the company. The article tells you the dos and don’ts of management.

The Identity Management Method: One of the trickiest parts in managing employees is getting them to feel a sense of loyalty to the organization. This method aims to make people identify with the goals of the organization, which requires a high state of interpersonal skills to succeed at.

A Field Guide to Developers: This is a comprehensive guide to keeping your programmers happy and productive in their work. It provides guides on how to manage the physical workplace including providing the proper ambiance for productivity.

News - Hiring the Top 1%: In this very enlightening article, the author explains that companies hiring only the top 1% of applicants are not actually getting the top 1% of the best. The best employees usually have jobs and are no longer in the market looking for one.

Converting Capital into Software that Works: The company’s primary goal should be to convert money into code through programmers. To achieve this goal, the author encourages companies to make recruitment of the right people as the number one problem. Hire the right people and they can produce products that sell and make money similar to restaurants hiring the best chefs to covert raw ingredients to a dining experience.

Measurement: Find out why it is not a good idea to pay your programmers based on performance. This type of incentive is counterproductive and does not work for the benefit of the company. Read the article and learn to avoid this pitfall in the corporate world.

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Timeline and Risk: How to Piss off Your Software Developers: Keeping your talented team of developers is not easy but not hard either. You simply have to avoid committing or saying certain things that are sure-fire ways of giving them incentive to leave.

A Survey to Determine if your Developers are Happy: Conduct a survey to determine if your developers are happy with their jobs or if you need to do something else to make them happy and contented in their work.

Google Careers Philosophy: Google is an ideal place for most developers to work at. The reason could be found in the way Google values its employees by creating a culture and workplace that promote diversity and creativity.

An Open Letter to the Software Managers of the World: Read this article to know what your developers really think and how to better understand them. You will gain a wider perspective on their work situation and prevent complications that could have been avoided had you taken time to know what are on their minds.

The Single Most Important Rule for Retaining Software Developers: The secret to keeping your developers happy in your company is by giving them a constant flow of good problems as opposed to bad problems. Read the article and find the difference between the two.

Nine Things Developers Want More than Money: There are more than one way to motivate your programmers. Knowing what they want in work means being able to supply the needed stimulus for them to continue creating top-notch programs. The article lists these motivation factors that every manager should know.

Why Good Developers are Promoted into Unhappiness: Not all job promotions are ideal for employees, especially programmers. There is a big difference between development skills and management skills. There is simply no sense in promoting to non-coding jobs programmers who have shown exceptional development skills. This article explains it all.

How to Burn $6,540 a Week; Indecision and Software Development: Indecision hampers both productivity and job satisfaction. Management indecision negatively impacts software development and should be avoided at all costs. Developers particularly hate indecision. The author offers effective solutions to this problem.

How to Hire like a Startup: If you want to hire people in a hurry and do not have the luxury of time, you can get a lot of idea from this article. It outlines the steps that you need to take to fill those vacant positions ASAP. Some of the suggested steps are writing short job descriptions, skimming resumes, using ratings effectively and holding phone interviews.


Herding Cats: A Primer for Programmers who Lead Programmers: A must-reading for managers who lead a technical team of developers. Leaders should know about the varieties of programmer personalities and learn how to match each type with the projects they are assigned to.

Up the Organization: How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits: The book shows how to humanize business and have fun while making it work better. The author’s wisdom warns us not to get bogged down in corporate bureaucracy that prevents growth and choke profits.

Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineer Manager: This book is intended for technical managers leaving behind the world of coding and entering a new world of managing people. It provides guides in handling conflicts, managing diverse personalities, making tight schedules work and building the ideal culture at work.

The Mytical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering: The book, containing a collection of essays on software project management, has been influential since its first release. The author’s main proposition is that management problems encountered from large programming projects are different from small ones because of division of labor. A required reading for anyone wanting to know more about managing technical teams.

Big Ideas from the Computer Age: Great reading for those who want a better understanding of the world of programmers and developers. The ideas presented in the book could affect how you see the digital world and software developers.





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The Ultimate Guide to Workstation Ergonomics: Maintain the productivity of your programmers by keeping them healthy and in tip-top shape. The best way to ensure their physical well-being is by creating an ergonomic workplace that ensures your developers remain healthy while working at their best.

Hitting the High Notes: The secret to profitability can be summarized into three important components—best working conditions, best programmers and best software. This is the gist of the article that encourages companies to hire only the best even if it cost more because the returns will more than pay for itself.







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Great Hackers: Great hackers are the best programmers and they write code not only to pay the bills but because they enjoy doing it. Money is not their primary motivation. The article gives us insight on the motivation that drives great programmers.





A Guide to Hiring Programmers: The High Cost of Low Quality: The article explains the wisdom and advantages of hiring expert albeit pricey programmers and the consequences of getting low-quality programmers such as buggy and difficult-to-use software.


Interviewing and Hiring: The author shares his experiences in interviewing candidates and ultimately hiring them. He also discusses the different interview methods used by different companies including Behavioral Interviewing.





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