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web security

Web application security scanners are programs that identify security vulnerabilities in web applications and architectures. Since the program does not have access to the source code, it detects weaknesses by making actual attacks on these programs

IBM Security Appscan

Used by developers to test vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications during the development stage and before the programs are deployed. At this stage, associated costs in fixing any errors are comparatively cheaper as opposed to correcting launched applications.


A fully-automated and configurable testing tool to probe security of web applications. The utility works by simulating actual attacks on the programs that enable developers to fully analyze complex web applications and services. The software is designed to be used during development stage until final launching.


The company is the world’s largest dedicated security technology firm that was bought by Intel in 2011. It offers total security solutions with its antivirus software, internet security, desktop and mobile security, and malware protection. Its products are geared for home, business and enterprise users.


The program scans your computers and pinpoint homepage hijackers and programs that automatically run on startups. Developed for Microsoft Windows, the application shows the location where hijacking occurred. Developers created the program primarily to monitor and diagnose hijacking occurrences.

Retina CS Community

A vulnerability scanning platform used in patching Microsoft and other third-party applications including Firefox and Adobe. It also detects vulnerabilities in web applications, mobile devices, servers and private clouds. The software is free for scanning and patching up to 256 IPS and supports a variety of assets. It requires Windows Server though.


Kasha Blake

Web Developer/ Server Admin: Focused on Mobile responsive design and Search engine optimization