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firewall between LAN and WAN

A method to test network protocols and firewalls used by both network administrators and hackers that looks for vulnerabilities and poor network protocol implementations by creating packets instead of using existing traffic.


This program is designed to monitor host and services running within a computer network. It also creates a map of the network. The software works by analyzing the response of the packets that it sends to the target host. Scripts can be written and used by the program to provide better detection capabilities.


This very powerful packet analyzer runs on UNIX and allied operating systems such as Solaris, OS X, BSD, Linux and AIX. The program is known as WinDump for its Microsoft Windows version. It allows users to display TCP/IP and similar packets within a network where the computer runs.


A command-line network packet injection and crafting utility used for Windows and UNIX-like operating systems. The project was intended as a portable human IP stack for these platforms and works well in testing network intrusion and detecting systems, IP stacks, firewalls and other tasks. It is great for scripting and automation.


A command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler and analyzer. The utility sends custom ICMP, UDP or TCP packets and displays the responses. It is very useful when you are trying to traceroute and probe hosts behind a firewall that blocks standard utilities. The software can also be used as an educational tool for learning more about TCP/IP and IP protocols.

Colasoft Packet Builder

The application allows the creation of customized network patches. The utility is used to check networks security against attacks and vulnerabilities. Aside from the basic HEX editing tool, its powerful editing features include a Decoding Editor for easier editing of protocol field values.


A powerful and multi-purpose tool that acts as an interactive packet manipulation tool, network scanner, network discovery tool, packet generator and packet sniffer. It assigns classes to sets of packets before sending them over the network and analyze the responses. The application uses the Python interpreter for interaction.


A low-level network tool used for penetration testing of weaknesses in network protocols. The utility is able to launch multiple attacks over multiple protocols, creating virtual CDP neighbors, acting as the root role in Spanning Tree, acting as the active router in a HSRP setting, simulating DHCP replies and other low-level attacks.


Kasha Blake

Web Developer/ Server Admin: Focused on Mobile responsive design and Search engine optimization