How My Career Chose Me

Website author Kasha BlakeMy name is Kasha Blake and I am the administrater of  this website.
Several years ago, I had no idea what career path I would take in life. However,  I was determined to use the skills I have developed with my college degree in Computer Information Systems and the knowledge of my MBA degree to  good use.   

My Computer Obsession

Once I started to learn more about web development, I never looked back. Gaining new skills only made me want to learn more. My interest in computers became a passion when I found interesting and free online classes at the Khan Academy. I was so into computers by then that I even volunteered my services to help other students through the Khan Academy’s volunteer program.

My search for new skills took me to many great online resource sites such as, , and I also made use of MIT OpenCourseWare to learn a lot more skills, such as:

  • Apps and website design principles
  • Web standards
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Accessibility using WCAG
  • CMS- Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Server management
  • Database Systems

In my pursuit of a career in computers, I did not neglect formal education. I am now the proud recipient of four degrees: Counseling, Education, Business Administration (MBA), and Computer Information Systems.

Where My Journey Has Taken Me

I am now experienced in web development and in the use of Content Management System (CMS). I also offer training on site administration, updates and search engine optimization (SEO).

I began pushing the boundaries of the internet as a front-end developer, project manager, back-end coder, system architect, and business leader. I have spent the last seven years working at a local moving company where my responsibilities include optimizing the company’s website and Windows Server administration.

My Latest Venture

After watching a video about the founder of the plentyofish website (, I was inspired to put up my own websites of which this is one.

Through I wish to provide unique prospective to the world of cloud computing to my readers.