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Introduction to grid computing

Supercomputer Argonne National Lab

Grid computing utilizes the computing power of several computers in concord to carry out large number of complex multiple functions to successfully achieve a targeted goal. This technology effectuates time reduction for computing significantly complex data and achieves the objectives with enhanced efficiency.

How to formulate your own Disaster recovery Program

hard disk on fire

What would you do when your hard drive eventually crashed? Do you already have backups when your computer system suddenly bugged down? How ready are you when a calamity strikes, and your computer system is highly at risk? These are the questions that we might want to ask to ourselves, especially those who really depends on the efficiency of computer network and system. You might want to know how...

Data Mining Legislation

data base written on open books

Data mining connects the three worlds of Databases, Artificial Intelligence and Statistics. The information age has enabled many organizations to gather large volumes of data. However, the usefulness of this data is negligible if “meaningful information” or “knowledge” cannot be extracted from it. Data mining, otherwise known as knowledge discovery, attempts to answer this need.

Cloud Server Architecture

earth on a screen

As with most successful marketing terms, “cloud computing” has been notoriously difficult to define, enabling suppliers to pervert its meaning to their purposes. It has also been one of the very few areas of investment in downturn, with hardware and software companies keen to develop new products to deploy cloud computing efficiently.

Cloud Computing Tools: Oracle, Salesforce, and VMware from N to Z

oracle salesforce vmware logos

Oracle’s Selection of Communications Solutions Through Cloud-computing Tools

The archived Oracle Collaboration Suite provides a collection of cloud-computing tools that permit users to continue working with the tools at hand: Microsoft Outlook, Windows Files Explorer, and more.

Cloud Computing Tools: Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft … from A to M

Amazon google microsoft ibm logos

Amazon EC2 Pay-As-You-Go Cloud-computing Tools

In the virtual computing environment, Amazon EC2 creates a web service interface that establishes multiple operating systems, loaded with custom applications, and centered on managed instances of pay-as-you-go resource consumption units.

The Characteristics and Benefits of Applied SaaS

server connected to several computers

In the Cloud computing environment, Software as a Service (“SaaS”)has surfaced as a software distribution model that circumvents the overhead expenses that are related to traditional models of software distribution. Sometimes referred to as Software as a Product, SaaS approaches the delivery of computer applications as a service that is hosted by an Internet vendor, and that is available via an...

Enterprise Virtualization Security

virtualization security

Overview of the Enterprise Virtualization Security Concerns in 2010 Security remains a most important barrier to virtualization widespread in 2010 Since its introduction in 1960 by IBM, virtualization technology has been researched and developed by many companies (VMWare, RedHat, Microsoft, Citrix, Oracle etc).

Hardware assisted virtualization Solutions

virtualization operating model

Virtualized environment, which enables multiple virtual machines to use same physical resources, heavily impacts on the overall system performance. Server load , and thus performance degradation, is high when compared to a single server/single application systems.


earth and binary code

Virtualization, in information technology’s dictionary, is a term used to describe technologies for creating virtual versions of hardware, network, software or storage, thus enabling one physical resource to be used for multiple simultaneous virtual instances that can provide similar functionality.