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This site is dedicated to giving you the latest news on cloud computing technology and. emerging services under the cloud. Our main objective is to help network, database, and system administrators along with others to gain updates on all matters relating to cloud computing technology. To do this, we examine the latest software, tips, scripts, offered by cloud providers and give you a practical and easy-to-understand review of their salient features. We also list companies along with their latest products and services that could be of interest to you.

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Easy ways to install Mac OS X on a Mac

installation of Mac OS X

In this article I’m going to tell you about a couple of easy ways to install Mac OS X on your Macs. All of them are rather simple so everybody should handle it.

Before we begin, let’s think about what we will need. First of all we need original Apple computer (either desktop or a laptop), then the original copy of Mac OS X

Hybrid Cloud

devices and a cloud

Reviews of Hybrid Cloud Computing Companies and services OPNET Technologies, Inc. OPNET Technologies, Inc. is a relatively new company, but for now, we can easily call it a leading provider of management solutions for IT. The company offers a wide range of services to plan, optimize, and manage enterprise performance and its IT infrastructure and even complex applications.

What is SaaS

computer into a cloud

One of the cloud computing methods that has grown rapidly and has a great future is the SaaS. It belongs to the category of web related services of cloud computing. In SaaS software applications are deployed by the cloud service provider through the internet or other networks to the end user at his browser.

Private Cloud

cloud shaped padlock

Reviews of Public Cloud Computing Companies and services

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

It is a part of the Amazon cloud computing platform, which provides scalable deployment of applications. A user can do the following operations.

Welcome to the Cloud Computing Tools Website/Companies! From A to Z

cloud services diagram - paas saas iaas

What is cloud computing? The term cloud computing is generally referred to as a system whereby resources such as software and information is provided over the internet. The term cloud is used because of the cloud symbol that is used to represent the internet in diagrams and flowcharts. The main goal of cloud computing is to provide simple, scalable and cost effective IT serves and resources.

Welcome … The Top Cloud Computing Tools

cloud and most relevant companies

Amazon EC2 Pay-As-You-Go Cloud-computing Tools

In the virtual computing environment, Amazon EC2 creates a web service interface that establishes multiple operating systems, loaded with custom applications, and centered on managed instances of pay-as-you-go resource consumption units.

Tips on Securing multi-global hosting Operation

world map and binary code

Making your business extra efficient is on top of your priorities. And when your business is starting to grow larger and larger, you are now having this dilemma of constant monitoring of all your business host operation. And this is where the cloud comes to the rescue.

Security versus performance – the cloud computing architecture paradox

scheme about Information Security Attributes

The benefits of cloud computing for global businesses are well known – scalability, mobility and cost efficiency. Cloud computing brings with it the benefits of access to multiple platforms, software and customized applications at a reduced cost. The impending success of cloud computing has drawn several bigwigs in the computing business including Microsoft, HP, Google and IBM.

PCI-DSS Standard introduced to cloud computing market

credit cards

In October 2010 , PCI DSS v2.0 was released. A long expected new version of the popular Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which included the term “virtualization components” under “system components” therefore allowing for implementation of virtual machines, virtual switches/routers, virtual appliances, virtual applications/desktops, and hypervisors.

On demand Security and Compliance

https on a address bar

New SAAS solutions for SMB companies

SAAS slowly but undoubtedly becomes a solution of choice for many SMB companies around the world. With this kind of solutions there is no need to purchase and maintain additional hardware on premises, SAAS hosting providers offer 24×7 technical support, overall costs are much lower, and flexibility to use this pay-as-you-go solutions are the main reasons...