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What is software?

software colorful water

Software is one of these things that many of us talk about but only a few have asked the most basic question: What it is?

I’m going to try to answer that question with the following saying: “In most cases, software is the thing that fails; while hardware is the thing that you punch or kick”.

Google’s entry into Cloud Computing

google logo and magnifying glass


Google Inc. is headquartered in Mountain View California is an American corporation that has a diversified portfolio of businesses that includes cloud computing, Internet search and advertising technologies such as Google ‘Ad words’. Google develops and hosts many services and products for the internet.

HP Services for Cloud Computing

hp cloud logo

Cloud is an accelerated way of deploying applications and solutions over the web. If executed suitably a Clouds can improve the agility and elasticity of the IT division of a company, this will lead to a reduction in both Capital and Operational expenditure, improve scalability and allow the IT division to get more done for less monetary expenditure.

Windows Azure entry into the Cloud

Windows Azure Network and Computes Architecture scheme


Cloud computing in today’s world makes a lot of sense. Data Storage is usually bought keeping in mind peek data requirements. Servers are expensive to buy and to maintain; on the other hand servers in the cloud are available at a fraction of the cost and are maintained by another party.

Amazon and Cloud computing

Amazon web services logo

Amazon is a US based company with its headquarters in Seattle Washington. Although widely known for its retailing it has now diversified into many other areas one of them being cloud computing.

Learning to cope with Infection – An introduction to Viruses

alert window virus found

Virus! At one point in time we have encountered this term. Not the physical kind that can get people sick, but something else, a virtual presence that destroys and spreads when unchecked.

MSI Wind Wi-Fi Problem

MSI netbook

Do you own one? Or maybe it is your granny, who is a lucky user of MSI netbook?

Tell me, if I am mistaken. Because I really think that this laptop is so widely spread all over the world that only African children yet didn’t have it. Of course, I love them! Who doesn’t?!

Take control over one’s webcam!


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Apple Without Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The living legend, the man who made the computers our friends, the inventor of innovative devices, design and usability, leader of the most well-known and successful company in the world, Steve Jobs left Apple.

How to install Windows 7 from usb-flash ?

Stuck in a middle with trying to install Windows 7 via USB?

Don’t be upset. There is a cure! And it’s called Ultraiso.

Here are some benefits of it.