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security padlocks

These are programs used to assess the weaknesses of computers, applications, networks and computer systems. They may be used for legitimate purpose as part of vulnerability management or taken advantage of by hackers to gain unauthorized access to computers and networks.

VMware ESXi 5Tips for today tomorrow and beyond!

VMware logo

The enterprise level of computer virtualization is VMware ESX. The ESX is a component of VMware’s largest productions. Now this VMware is replacing the original ESX with the ESXi. The VMware ESXi can directly run on the server hardware without requiring any additional operating system.

The ultimate programmers guide for freelancers

Programmer's hands on keyboard

Joel on Software

(Command and Conquer and the Herd of Coconuts): Once you get past the critical phase of hiring the best-qualified candidates, the next big step for the organization is knowing how to keep these talents...


password required

Applications used to recover unknown or forgotten passwords. Cracking is done by repeatedly guessing the correct password through algorithms wherein the computer uses various combinations until the correct one is made. Malicious use of password cracking include gaining unauthorized access to other people’s computers.


spiral of binary code

Programs or devices used to monitor data flowing over a computer network. Sniffers are legitimately used for network management but can also be used to steal information from a network. This is one of the favorite tools of hackers.


web security

Web application security scanners are programs that identify security vulnerabilities in web applications and architectures. Since the program does not have access to the source code, it detects weaknesses by making actual attacks on these programs.


wireless icon

Used in networking technology, the term is applied to anything associated with computer network where there is an absence of wired connection between the sending and receiving devices. Connection between devices is made through radio waves or microwaves.



Exploitation is an attack on computers using software to take advantage of a glitch or bug in a system intended to cause unanticipated response from the computer. Exploitation are used by hackers to gain control of a computer or incapacitate the system.


firewall between LAN and WAN

A method to test network protocols and firewalls used by both network administrators and hackers that looks for vulnerabilities and poor network protocol implementations by creating packets instead of using existing traffic.

Non-Geeks: PCs, Viruses, and Prevention

stethoscope on a computer

Generally speaking, a computer virus prevents your PC on doing necessary actions and commands – this might be caused by downloading files and hacking. Modern computer viruses nowadays are getting more unnoticeable even with advanced operating systems and frameworks.