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MSI Wind Wi-Fi Problem

MSI netbook

Do you own one? Or maybe it is your granny, who is a lucky user of MSI netbook?

Tell me, if I am mistaken. Because I really think that this laptop is so widely spread all over the world that only African children yet didn’t have it. Of course, I love them! Who doesn’t?!

But take a look at youtube’s geeks. There are thousands of variable videos with MSI Wind. Some tell us about the CPU overclocking ang gaming. Some show us how to install Mac OS X on it. I won’t tell you much about this stuff, because it’s not my goal. And I find it boring as well.

And if you are just now sitting in front of your computer like the man at the photo below with a glass of water and watching those videos, then you might be very impressed and shouting something like: “Oh, my God!” or “I want it too” or even “How could I live without that!”.

The thing is – the more popular the product is, the more you can hack it and upgrade. Something like that.

How could I know?

You know, I have seen and heard much about this laptop. But what happened just few days ago was a real surprise for me.

I have a router D-Link Dir-300 in chain with the modem Zyxel. My router has a WiFi module and the antenna. Of course, once I get it I tried to make the WLAN connection.

I entered router menu via browser entering its IP-address and using default username and password. Then I make all the changes for my network, enabled DHCP, wrote all the necessary addresses and masks and saved and rebooted the router.

One more important thing! I made protected connection using WPA2 encryption.

My laptop tried to connect to the router but could not do that!

I changed the encryption type and nothing new happened!

So I decided to disable secured connection, unmarked all the encryptions and passwords. And only after that it managed to connect and get the IP-address.

Why it happens?

The problem is in Wi-FI card driver of the laptop.

Don’t update any firmware of you routers and modems. Just leave them alone!

all you have to do is to get the latest driver for your model of PCI or USB Wi-Fi card.

In my case, it is MSI Wind U100 which shipped with Ralink RT2700 wireless mini card. It has by the way three types of waves B, G and N. So if you own the same card you can smile right now.

I used Windows XP’s built-in wireless software. It sucks, believe me. I can say the same thing about Ralink software and design as well, but it gets things done.

Once you install the latest software and driver you’ll work without any problems.

Step by step to your success!

  1. Take a look at the back of the laptop. Find the label which says “RF module inside” and read what kind of mini card you have.
  2. After figuring this out find the developers website (NOT MSI) and find the driver there.
  3. Install and either use Windows utility or the developers as the default.
  4. Find the access point, enter the password and that’s it!

It is the easy way. But it’s only one situation, other can require more skills of yours and more time for solving the problem. I talk about the router firmware and Windows third-party utilities.

Always use drivers only for your type of product. Try not to use third-party software and Windows built-in utilities if you have native developers software.


Kasha Blake

Web Developer/ Server Admin: Focused on Mobile responsive design and Search engine optimization