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Easy ways to install Mac OS X on a Mac

installation of Mac OS X

In this article I’m going to tell you about a couple of easy ways to install Mac OS X on your Macs. All of them are rather simple so everybody should handle it.

Before we begin, let’s think about what we will need. First of all we need original Apple computer (either desktop or a laptop), then the original copy of Mac OS X

(I use an image of retail Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6, a black disc) and last but not the least is some free time and a bit patience.

  1. Careful install from DVD
    Those who already have the original DVD with Mac OS X preinstalled can pass the next sentence. If you don’t have it then you can download the image from Internet or copy someone’s disc, then you should open Disk Utility and burn it on a double-layer DVD.
    Put the ready install disc into your optical drive and when the computer made a sound press C button and the process should begin. Follow the instructions, choose your boot device and wait for the Mac OS to be installed.
    P.S. If you are using a laptop, which doesn’t have a DVD-burner, you should connect an external optical dive or use either Target Disk Mode or the Ethernet Mode.
  2. Installing from a hard drive
    This is my favorite one and the quickest method as far as I know. The only troubles you can face following this mode is that you must have preinstalled Mac OS X on your hard drive or have another working Mac. But if you don’t find it wort warring then here is what we should do. Again we find our image or make it from the install disk and open Disk Utility. You should have more than one partition on your boot hard drive in order to install a new OS.
    If you haven’t, then choose your drive in Disk Utility and press “partition” in the right menu, then select the volume scheme (2 partitions will be enough) you need and press the Partition button. The second partition will function as the DVD disk. Find the image of Mac OS X, select the Restore menu, drag the image on the source table and the second partition of your hard drive on the destination table and click Restore button. One more important thing is the second physical hard drive.
    You will need it if you plan to use more than one OS. If it is impossible to have the second HDD then you should have 3 partitions on the main HDD – one is for the active OS, the second is for the install disk and the third is for new Mac OS X. With the image restored reboot you computer and when pressing Option button select the Mac OS Install Disk and proceed the installation as usual. That’s it!
  3. Ethernet mode
    You don’t have the burner ? Don’t worry! Installing mac os using this way had never been easier!
    The funny moment is that Windows will help us, if we haven’t bought another Apple computer yet. The install disk of Mac OS X has tools for Windows for Ethernet Mode. Install them somewhere on the pc and run them. On your Mac reboot it and after the sound press N button, it should enter the Ethernet Mode with flashing sign of Internet logo.
    While in this mode on your pc proceed the tools application and it will allow you to find the Mac over your Ethernet connection and when connected the install process will appear on your Apple computer.

Kasha Blake

Web Developer/ Server Admin: Focused on Mobile responsive design and Search engine optimization