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Review of 7 Big Data tools


Platfora provides an analytical platform that makes the use of big data simple and efficient. Platfora transforms Hadoop sets of data into dashboards that are convenient to use, with many additional services and opportunities. It works on existing Hadoop clusters such as MapR, Amazon, and Cloudera. It automatically turns business users` questions into Hadoop jobs. They synthesize Hadoop databases into easy dashboards, insights, and reports. Platfora gives business analysts interactive tools to produce business insights and manage information. The size of the information doesn't matter — Gigabytes, Terabytes, or more.

Platfora eliminates the need for ELT tools and legacy BI products. Platfora can be defined as a combination of server technology, data science, and user experience innovation.


Sumologic is a company that claims to tackle one of the biggest data issues — log file analysis. Its technologies, Elastic Log Processing and LogReduce provide this service. These technologies transform log data into insights for IT operations, security teams, compliance teams, and application management.

Sumologic has relatively low TCO that can be deployed instantly and requires no maintenance. So, users can operate with terabytes of data in real time in seconds, set up alerts to monitor activity of infrastructure, use the appropriate services to uncover the abnormal activity and notify their security staff and management staff, use analytics engines to monitor the work of production applications, manage high fidelity information to get better understanding of application performance, and troubleshoot applications.

Odiago (Wibidata)

Odiago (now it is known under its new name — Wibidata) is a software solution that includes Hadoop, HBase, Avro used to manage and analyze large volumes of data. It doesn't matter whether it is structured or not structured.

Wibidata is developed for storing and managing user data with all derived data attributes. It keeps data logically and allows high-performance analysis of the entire picture but not of the separate data sets. It also gives an opportunity to update the user data that allows very flexible analysis.

Wibidata works on many domains. It also has applications in online gaming, mobile, finance, and other industries. Its three-dimensional storage model gives an opportunity to arrange the information in a single view, easy to understand and handle. But one of the main advantages is its flexibility. You can easily add a new record or delete it. This company is becoming a powerful tool in the market of big data companies.


DataStax delivers solutions that can help customers handle enormous volumes of data without compromising simplicity, speed and cost-effectiveness. DataStax is based on the following products:

  • DataStax Enterprise — It allows real-time management, data search, and analysis in the same data base cluster.
  • DataStax Community — It provides an up-to-date community version.
  • DataStax Ops Center — It is a solution for monitoring, managing applications, and operating big data and enterprise search systems. DataStax allows the customers to handle their data without trying to clear out how to handle complicated systems. It doesn't matter what kind of business these customers are running.


Domo claims to be an entirely new platform of business intelligence that transforms the image of running any kind of business. This platform combines a backend that connects into any data system, including those that were developed for customer relation management, human resources, finance management, data repository, or reporting system. Domo delivers real-time intelligence into one view based in one browser. The user can get access to data via any device, even iPad, iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

At the same time, Domo provides the enterprise with security and reliability so that it also can be regarded as one of the main advantages for big companies handling important data. Domo is also a great solution for smaller businesses because it is very simple to use. The main advantage is that no IT is required. Domo makes it possible for managers and executives to handle business without IT. This helps them save and make money without getting distracted with technical issues.


Hadapt is the company whose USP represents a combination of Hadoop and RDBMS. This unique combination provides a perfect system for those applications that rely on multi-structured data analysis. Initially, Hadapt was developed for a cloud and is optimized to work in virtualized environment. It provides fault tolerance, load balancing, data replication, and consistent performance, which are very important for fast performance in the cloud. Hadapt allows you to perform analysis of multi-structured data within the same platform. The stored data can be accessed by using the existing SQL-based tools that makes the business adoption much easier. So, you can see that Hadapt is trying to solve the main problem of a modern business — handling a big volume of data effectively.


Kontagent is a big data company based in San Francisco. Its main solution, kSuite, provides developers of applications and marketers with analytical features and advanced virtualization features. The clients can make data mining across all applications and there is no need to invest on more engineers or equipment. Big data store allows the users to handle huge volumes of data. The data is processed hourly, so users can get updated feedbacks. Real-time monitoring gives an opportunity to produce quick reaction on all changes in order to be able to respond to the customers` demands. Proprietary analysis gives an insight in relevant patterns of users` behavior that allows them to make better decisions and increase the accessibility for people working in the organization. The combination of proprietary database with customized analytics will help the customer produce the right reaction at the right time.


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